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As a Chartered Accountant and former practice owner, I am very selective about who I choose to entrust my own accounts to.  My current role does not allow me to remain completely up to date with all the changes in tax and accountancy regulations as previously and I needed someone who could advise me. I wanted someone who would inform me on the current regulations, update me if I went wrong and keep me firmly in line whilst providing Statutory accounts, tax returns, and payroll.  I was also looking for someone who I could turn to more and more as my business grew and my needs became more complicated.

I was delighted to meet Clare at a local networking event, and, having worked together on a joint local project, decided that she was the perfect person to engage.  Clare has provided me with statutory accounts and tax returns since I started trading and I trust her advice and guidance.

Being an Accountant and Business Coach, I appreciate how important the numbers are in any business and I know that I will be working more with Clare as I grow and that she is a safe pair of hands for my business.  I would recommend Clare to anyone wishing to understand their business better, work more on the business than on their books, and leave all the compliance to the expert.

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